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Friday, October 22, 2010

Keep on Keeping On

Ooo, Lordy, I've been neglecting this blog. And how.

In surprising news, I jumped off the wagon. HA HA! Not so surprising actually. It's been a good couple of months without tracking food or paying attention to what I eat. The first month: not so bad, managed to keep making good choices. The second month: a little bit worse. The third month: ooo, boy, not something I want to think about.

More unsurprising news: I haven't read anyone's blog. Giving myself a pass, and starting fresh from here. Chances are I'll go back at some point and catch up, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it. That little badge on my blog reader? Pretending it doesn't exist and marking everything read. YAY! Clean Slate!

Haven't hopped on the scale in a month or so, but based on the way my clothes are fitting, I'm still in good shape.

Made a decision: No more going off on my personal revelations (at least not the way I was before). It just sounded so. freaking. pretentious. And you know what I hate? Pretentiousness. A lot. Here it is in a nutshell: I'm working out shit in my life, making what changes are necessary, and figuring out what the hell I need to do to make myself happy. A little simplistic, but simplifying makes me happy - so there.

It's hard to believe it's already October. Where the heck did the year go? Seriously? Last time I looked, it was July. Or was it August? Whatever. Anyhow, it was a year ago in October I finally decided to do something about my weight. Yay, it's my weight loss anniversary! I'm a pretty different person than the woman who tentatively stepped into that Weight Watchers meeting last year. I've made some substantial changes in my life, not the least of which is taking off at least 50 lbs for good. Also, I have more confidence, and am ready to continue making whatever changes I have to in order to keep on going.

My goals for the next year:

1) Keep on keeping on.
2) Lose some more weight. Not setting any specific pound goals, but continue down the same path I've been following.
3) Go back to WW. Meetings were a big part of my success so I need to find a leader with whom I can connect. Then just keep on going.
4) Get into the gym once a week. The gym near my house offers Zumba classes, and - dammit - I want to go to a zumba class.

Well, folks, that's it for now. Will be back again real soon.


Small goals are the key to success or so I've been told. To kick off my weight loss journey I wanted to give myself a visual tool to see how my progress is going. For your viewing pleasure, the ticker for my first goal of losing 20 pounds: