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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Much Needed Kick in the Pants

The last minute show is finally over. Not much like a few weeks of mad, crazy rehearsing and performing to make one appreciate how precious their free time is. I have the luxury of choosing when I work out, I'm able to make dinner any time I feel like it, if I want, I can hop over to the store and buy fresh fruits and vegetables whenever I want.

Still, don't think I'm going to stop performing - if there's one thing this experience made me realize, it's that I miss being on the stage.

Before the show, I was in a pretty big slump. I was depressed, workouts were non-existent, meal planning didn't happen, the scale was inching up, and I was becoming less and less honest about the junk I was feeding myself. Regularly, there were weeks when the kitchen didn't see a single meal prepped, and the food I was buying every week at the store was getting hucked when it went bad since I didn't feel like cooking.

Then along came that mad, crazy rehearsal schedule which was, basically, a gift. I've often said the things we need are plopped down in our laps when we need them and, just at that moment, I needed that kick in the pants to wake me up and remind me that I still wanted to do this thing.

With that realization, and a commitment to being honest with myself (really, really honest), I've been rewarded with the scale headed back in the right direction, higher energy levels, feeling amazingly great about myself, and a host of other benefits.

However, it got me to thinking, I definitely want performing to be a part of my life. Being on stage is something that has always mattered to me, and I'm going to have to find some way to fit in work, fitness, food prep, food shopping, cleaning, rehearsing and performing all in to the course of a week. Without driving myself nuts.

And to be quite honest, I have no answer to how one goes about doing that. Habit, habit, habit, I suppose. And the best way to build a habit is practice. Practice over and over and over and over.

This week is a good start. I planned dinner every night, went food shopping to have all the ingredients on hand, worked out three days straight, wrote out a meal plan every day, tracked all my food, and am remembering to tell myself every day that I'm worth it.

Hell, even people like me, who've been going for nearly two years need to be reminded from time to time.


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